SAINT-EXUPERY SCHOOL is a modular dwelling construction.

This architectural concept, new in Switzerland while widespread in the Scandinavian countries or in the Netherlands, offers excellent energy efficiency while decreasing the ecological impact and provides all the required facilities to host a school under optimal conditions.

One of the other advantages of such a construction is that it can be realised very rapidly, in successive steps, according to the needs. A few hours only are needed to add on a full floor and ten more days to furbish it.

In short, it is a big “Lego” which allows great flexibility in adapting to all needs and developments. Its thermic and acoustic qualities are first rate: superfluous air-condition, natural gas heating, reinforced in- and out phonic insulation, increased fire-proof protection. To make it short, the comfort provided by modular constructions is at least as good as that offered by traditional ones.

 Location: Chemin de Terre-Bonne 5, CH 1262 Eysins/Nyon