Our Team

The teachers of SAINT-EXUPERY SCHOOL are all either French, German or/and English native speakers. They have been taught immersive language pedagogy by our care and thus master all the required skills to carry out their mission thoroughly.

Moreover, all our collaborators are acknowledged and experienced professionals, in the possession of certificates required and/or recognized by the Canton de Vaud and the Swiss Confederation.

Education in French :

Mr Frodeau Benoît

Mrs Mackay Eliane

Mrs Reynaud Céline

Mrs Vuillaume Sonia

Education in German :

Mrs Hansen Sabina

Mrs Lorenz Svenja

Education in English :

Mrs Connolly Marie-Pascal

Mrs Parker-Alexandre Julie

Hosting and Extracurricular Activities :

Mrs Gulizia-Bessa Stefania

Mrs Rossy-Bella Suzanne

Supervised and Guided Homework :

Mrs Candrea Andreea

Mrs Pascual Carole

* All names are listed in alphabetical order.