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Welcome to Saint-Exupéry School

SAINT-EXUPERY SCHOOL is a Swiss school open to pupils of any nationality.

Teaching at SAINT-EXUPERY SCHOOL relies upon language immersion, which implies that some subjects are alternatively taught in French, German and English on a yearly basis, allowing for an efficient vocabulary shift from one language to the other. At the end of their curriculum, pupils can express themselves and interact in the three languages.

SAINT-EXUPERY SCHOOL is a regional proximity and family structure enhancing contacts, partnerships and exchanges with a lot of local participants. It is particularly dedicated to the respect of elementary behavioural rules in society as well as to educational, ethical and environmental values.

École Saint-Exupéry

Open to the world

SAINT-EXUPERY SCHOOL is an institution open to the contemporary world. It pays greatest attention to its pupils’ essential needs, in particular to their development of skills and fundamental knowledge. 

Respectful of everyone

SAINT-EXUPERY SCHOOL is a secular institution, respecting everyone’s choices and orientations if they are in accordance with the Swiss regulation of social behaviour. The management and their team focus on honest and respectful human relationships.

Attached to essential values

SAINT-EXUPERY SCHOOL is especially dedicated to ethical, educational, social and family values as well as to the technological and environmental issues of our era.

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