Supervised ans guided Homework

Homework should allow pupils to anchor as well as practise the different knowledge and techniques learnt at school.

Although homework should teach pupils to become responsible and autonomous in their learning process, the latter may need assistance in revising or organising their work.

Supervised homework aims to guide pupils in their work and organisation without level simplification which would take away their responsibility from the learning process. Supervised homework in small homogenous groups will thus allow pupils to develop and enhance their learning techniques as well as to acquire a fundamental skill: learning how to learn.

Moreover, it seems essential to us that parents should play their role as their children’s first educators and thus spend pleasant moments with them. While closely complementary (notable in the social up-bringing), SAINT-EXUPERY SCHOOL wants to provide a good follow-up of its pupils’ education and to have close and profitable contacts with their parents. Therefore, we think that after a long and tiring workday, the children and their parents should be able to meet serenely around family activities, relieved from the burdening homework.

If you choose the supervised and guided homework option, you will be sure their homework has been checked and assimilated under optimal conditions.

There should be no homework during weekends and school holidays.