General conditions

The application form is given the parents during an interview and the place is temporarily reserved as soon we receive it duly dated and signed, by the parents or legal representative.

The one-time application fee is due for every new pupil and is not refundable. Its payment finalises the application.

Enrolment (tuition and options) is made on a yearly basis (10 months) according to the school calendar. There is no half-board on Wednesdays except for the pupils who register for the afternoon sports activities.

Subsequently, every further schoolyear will be applied for before the end of the first semester. The former pupils, their brothers and sisters come prior to any external application.

The school issues a yearly invoice in the month of June preceding the start of the schoolyear. Parents choose the convenient payment mode, annual, semi-annual or monthly. A 5% discount on the tuition fees is given for an annual payment while a 5% increase is applied to a monthly payment (10 instalments). The services are payable in advance, the first at the end of August.

For any cancelation or modification after May 31 preceding the beginning of the schoolyear in September, the school management is entitled to put forward a claim on the first semester, according to the commitments agreed to in the application form. In the event of dismissal during the school year, payment is due in full.

Any cancelation or change occurring during the schoolyear (tuition and/or options) must be made at the latest one month before the end of the first semester, according to the schoolyear calendar, or else the following semester is due. These steps must be complied with through a registered letter.

SAINT-EXUPERY SCHOOL gives a 5% discount on the tuition fees of the second child and a 20% discount on those of the following children if they attend the school simultaneously.

One-time registration for lunch, morning hosting or nursery is possible within a 24-hour delay, at the school or by e-mail. In that case, parents will be sent a monthly invoice.

On a disciplinary level, the school management is entitled to take any required measure aiming to preserve the serenity, the harmony and the smooth running of the school, the latter after getting in touch with the parents.

In any dispute, the Swiss right is applicable, and the place of jurisdiction is Nyon. 

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